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Trail work for the season will start after firearm hunting season closes on Nov 29th.  There is one re-route planned on Southridge trail in a no-hunting zone that can be worked on during muzzleloader and late archery season.
Another re-route is planned for the section of Firetower trail that was impacted by this past years logging.
Other projects can be added if there is interest and help available.
Work will be most every weekend; weather permitting.  Feel free to contact me directly with any questions.

   I will be home the weekend of Dec.18-20th let me know if you guys will be out there and what time?  Wasn't able to make it last  year at all so would like to help you guys out again its been awhile.

Trail work began today on the reroute on Firetower Trail on the section that was logged last summer/fall.  Most of the corridor has been cleared of branches and benchcutting will be next.  Work sessions will be most Saturday and Sunday mornings at 9:30 am weather permitting.  Thanks to Josh M and Mike and Mandy K for their help. Feel free to contact me directly to confirm dates and times and locations.

The weather has finally allowed work to resume on the trail reroutes planned at FSF. We made good progress on the Firetower reroute this weekend and will continue next weekend.  Anyone interested send a PM for details.

Two reroutes have been completed; one on Firetower trail; and another on Foxy Hollow trail.  Conditions are getting very good; there are the usual wet spots; but overall ridable; recent rains may change that.


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