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The winter has finally loosened its grip to allow some trail work to continue on the reroute on Kyana trail.  We will work most weekends Sat and Sundays starting this weekend till complete.  If available to help; PM for details

Trail work notice.  Anyone interested in helping with trail work at Ferdinand State Forest.  I will be working this weekend and most weekends weather permitting on various trail projects.  One is the completion of the re-route on Kyana Trail started last year.  Other trail projects include routine maintenance of all trails including clearing drainages and raking leaves.  Contact me for specific times and dates if available.  FYI  DINO is coming back to FSF in 2015 and the Southern 5 series will also race again at FSF.

the weather and my work schedule have made trail work extra challenging again this year.  Some good progress has been made and a work session is planned for Saturday May 2nd to hopefully complete the reroute on Kyana trail.  Meet at the firetower at 9:00 am ET.  with 6-8 volunteers; we can probably get this finished in 2-3 hours and hopefully get a ride in as well. 

the reroute on Kyana trail behind the firetower is complete; thanks to the hard work of Travis Mehling and Mike Kemper.  may need a few tweaks; but is ready to ride.  Signage hasn't been changed yet; look for the orange flags.


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