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All the long/short jerseys, vests and BMX have the same basic design in the front/back and sleeves.  

- The front and back have the map of BCSP.

- The sides are a mesh material with HMBA letters in it.  For the BMX jerseys, this mesh extends all the way to the sleeve.  For the regular jerseys, the mesh stops at the underarm.

- The jerseys have 4 pockets in the back, the BMX none.

Other merchandise:

1. Black/Light blue  Coolmax hats
2. Socks
3. Red HMBA/Trail Crew t-shirts.  


Red shirt:  $10
Socks:  $10
Long sleeve jerseys: $60
Short sleeve:  $50
Vests:  $70
BMX: $60

Is this info still current?

I know the Merchandise and prices are still the same cuz I bought a jersey a few weeks back. You my want to send a message to see what all they have left

Yes they are.  They were increased only 5 bucks the last time and they are good quality jerseys.  They do run small for the classic short/long sleeves. So *please* check the sizing thread link to see where your regular size fits in that table.  The trend with guys, unless they're petite and skinny  :D,is to select a size twice your regular one.

How to I get a trail crew shirt?
Do you have HMBA Decals ?
I joined last week hmba and did some trail work at Town Run !


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