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Post current trail conditions here.

Did a snow ride today.  It was a slippery ride; but worth the effort.  Warming temps will bring thawing; best to stay off the trails if not frozen.  Maybe with the thawing; we may be able to start some of the planned reroutes.  I'll post any plans.

Briars and poison ivy are getting thick. Socks and bug spray recommended.

Couple of trees blocking the #6 Fire Lane.

Heading home this weekend.  And my brother is coming up from the ATL, we were thinking of trying French Lick but we only have saturday and that is now the race.  So we are looking to just take the 4 mile drive to the forest and try out the new reroutes you guys have worked on this spring, I promised him you guys took a little sting out of it!  He is not much on climbing:)  How much rain have you gotten and will it be rideable saturday morning w/o anymore rain?

Josh M. here.  Trails are in good shape.  They hold up really well to rain.   There has been rock added to the needed areas on some of the firelanes.    There are a couple sections with some briars and over-growth but nothing too bad.   You will really like the re-routes.  They have held up very well with the down-pours we have had.   I am going to try to ride tonight (wed) around 6pm.   I would join you sat, but will be racing french lick.


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