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Events (BCB, Annual Mtg) / Re: 2014 Brown County Epic
« Last post by Nate Hawkins on Today at 05:21:36 PM »
There will be a number of group rides and details for them will be available at the event.  Most will probably be impromptu.  I also know that some folks have taken it upon themselves to organize group rides outside of the event at a nearby private property.  My wife is planning on organizing a ladies' group ride, but I don't know who else has something planned.

Hang out at one of our tents for a little while and introduce yourself. 

If you want to get more involved, there are several ways.  First, check out our homepage and read up on the different stuff we're doing.  Things like mapping trails around the state, events like the Hoosier Outdoor Experience and the Epic, trail maintenance, etc.  Our calendar has a lot of information about upcoming events, too.

We have links on the homepage to help you get involved.  There's a link that'll take you to the membership page where you can join.  We have a Volunteer with Us form that will help you get connected with the people and projects that suit you best.  We also have a Trail Fund donation link where you can help us get the trails built that we have on our slate at BCSP, Yellowwood, Southwestway, and elsewhere.

Finally, come to some of our events.  Introduce yourself.

You will also meet a lot of other people if you go to races.  Most of the promoters in the state post their stuff on our calendar.

HMBA itself doesn't really organize rides much because we're so focused on trails.  But a lot of members do organize and attend various social rides.  A lot of that happens on Facebook (on other Facebook pages).
Fort Harrison State Park / Re: Fort Harrison Trail Conditions - 2014
« Last post by Mattntp on Today at 04:36:20 PM »
Pretty sure it's mine...niterider lumina 700 w a bar mount. Was in my pack while riding last night, not there now. PM sent.
Its not quite that hard.  How about a hair stylist type description like - "Your roots are showing.
Events (BCB, Annual Mtg) / Re: 2014 Brown County Epic
« Last post by happos2 on Today at 03:57:12 PM »
Can you explain how the group rides will work (advanced, intermediate, etc..)?  Just curious because I don't know anyone going and would like to find some people to go with (yet not slow down the experts).
Also, how do I get more involved with IMBA?  Looking to meet people outside work and find riding buddies!
Town Run / Re: Looking for some riding friends
« Last post by happos2 on Today at 03:51:28 PM »
I am an intermediate rider and would like find some people to ride with.  I can do almost all features at Town Run but am looking to meet new riders and have some fun.  Eventually I would like to do more trips to Brown County on weekend mornings and such with a group, rather than riding by myself all of the time!  Live in the Broad Ripple Area....just looking for some fun friends!
Good time for folks to checkout other trails in the BCSP area.
Fort Harrison State Park / Re: Trail Etiquette WTF
« Last post by allmountin on Today at 02:38:08 PM »
You can't just listen to quiet rap, brah.

I find it unnecessary and in bad form.  I know there are plenty of folks who use the trails to get away, to experience nature, to look for wildlife, and for relative solitude.  For those riders and hikers, such a display is an intrusion.  Minimizing my impact on their experience makes me a more respectful trail user, and is a better representation of our sport.. 

I like to listen to music when I ride, but only do so with earphones, at times and places where encountering another rider is pretty much zero.  Virtually never on singletrack.  Usually around town, at the jumps, or on the road.
Buy, Sell, Trade / 29er bikes and a fox fork
« Last post by Rnmcycles on Today at 01:41:59 PM »
Fox rlc fork. Rebuilt in may used twixe

2013 epic comp 29er. Medium.  New in april


2011 giant xtc, niner fork medium


PM ur # or email for pics. Don't know how to post pics here!
Don't know how to post pics so pm me or email.
Wednesday 10/1/2014.  Meet at the Barracks at 5:30
Fort Harrison State Park / Re: Trail Etiquette WTF
« Last post by JT on Today at 12:11:32 PM »
This was LOUD!  It was like they had a boom box strapped to the bike but they didn't...I could hear from a couple hundred yards away.
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