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Events (BCB, Annual Mtg) / Re: 2014 Brown County Epic
« Last post by Nate Hawkins on Today at 09:53:45 PM »
What bike festival allows you to show up only for the bike demos for free? Sea Otter? Outerbike?  This is a bike festival with more than just bike demos.
And a big "thank you" to you Steve and Justin for organizing a successful event!
Events (BCB, Annual Mtg) / Re: 2014 Brown County Epic
« Last post by wyoming cruiser on Today at 08:52:08 PM »
I cannot remember where I read it, but IIRC, if you wish to visit the demo area and are not registered for the event, it costs $5.  Hopefully someone with better memory will verify that (and when they do, it looks like I need to add that to the Epic web page info).

The Demos are free to event participants and to HMBA members.  If you are not registered for the Epic or an HMBA, you can either join (support our trail efforts and get to demo for free), or it will cost $5 to demo bikes.

I just saw this and felt compelled, as a member of HMBA, and as a business person to comment.
Charging people to demo bikes that your sponsors would like to sell?  Wow. This is a first for any mountain bike event I have ever seen. If I was a demo sponsor or participating vendor, I would be really irritated. Think of this from the viewpoint of the vendors who are paying you to show/demo their merchandise. You are double dipping and diminishing their opportunities. (a solid plan for nurturing future sponsors)
I have never been asked to pay in order to test ride a bike I might want to buy. Never.[/size]
[/size] Hello Bike Dude with cool bikes, I want to buy a bike, may I ride it before I buy? "I'm sorry sir; you have to pay that guy over there who has an agenda, to ride my bikes, even though I paid to display here.” You are kicking those who are already supporting you.[/font][/size]
[/size] I am a paid member of HMBA and according to the rules, would be able to demo for free, and I still think this is a greedy move that makes HMBA look bad and does a disservice to those sponsors who have already committed their support to you. I hope you considered this thoroughly and found the money you will raise for the demos will offset the ill-will and slimy reputation you are developing. A low-class, cash-grab move with little-to-no forethought to the sustainability of HMBA’s largest fundraising event. In my opinion, for what it's worth.
HUGE thanks to everyone that volunteered!!!  Had a great two days!  Way to get out there and represent Mountain Bikers at the DNR's biggest event of the year.  Lot's of DNR staff stopped by.  Great PR for Mountain Biking in Indiana!

Big thank you to BGI for providing the bikes!
Big thank you to Dino for providing the Racks, Fence, etc.
Big thank you to Midwest Devo Mountain Bikers for showing up in force to help.
Big thank you to NITRO for providing the Skills features.

Town Run / Re: Building on rarely used portion
« Last post by Raleighguy29 on Today at 07:54:52 PM »
There's also rnp.

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Town Run / Re: Building on rarely used portion
« Last post by ric on Today at 06:30:36 PM »
it looks like they're right behind Taco Bell on Emerson!
Events (BCB, Annual Mtg) / Re: 2014 Brown County Epic
« Last post by Steve King on Today at 04:06:58 PM »
Thanks Otter, that helps quite a bit.

Another option.  Ride the trails in the Park on Friday and Saturday.  On Sunday, take short cuts (roads in the Park and/or more direct trails) to the Hidden Cabin and Yellowood.
Events (BCB, Annual Mtg) / Re: 2014 Brown County Epic
« Last post by colleran on Today at 03:41:08 PM »
Thanks Otter, that helps quite a bit.
Events (BCB, Annual Mtg) / Re: 2014 Brown County Epic
« Last post by Otter on Today at 02:57:04 PM »
Generally speaking, you should never be more than 15 miles away from a SAG station.  The first SAG is traditionally at the top of Hesitation Point, so depending on the route through the park, you're looking at 12 or so miles to the top of Hes.  From there it's the cabin, which is another 12-15 miles out (again this can vary by the route taken).  After that you're doing routes through Yellowood and again, you should never be more than 15 or so miles from the next SAG.  So long story short, plan on being self supported for 15-20 miles and you should be fine.  Feel free to ask any other questions you might have. 
Town Run / Re: Building on rarely used portion
« Last post by JohnnyB on Today at 01:23:35 PM »
My friends rode their mini bikes and motorcycles back there 40+ years ago!
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