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Town Run / 1.5 to 2" diameter Iron cable?
« on: October 27, 2014, 07:52:32 PM »
Just curious why this hasn't been cut out? It's sticking up at the end of the south loop just after the last log over(or once was) and just before you dive down and go under 465. This is extremely dangerous. Honestly I don't know how someone hasn't gotten badly hurt on it. I'm very aware of it and go right of it everytime but it is right in the main trail line. Hack saw anyone? 

We will be firing up short track racing at town run starting May 14th, 2014 at 7pm.  Spread the word.  Races will be free.  Starting line is in the lower gravel parking area to the right after you come in off 96th street.  If you came out last fall we'll run things the same way.  Please do not ride the course until the signage is up and marked off...PERIOD!!  Course should be marked off by 6:50 so riders can warm up a few laps before we start.  As of right now we will have one starting group A and B's combined.  If it becomes popular enough we will break into an A group race and B group race with different start times.  We had a lot of positives last year from beginner riders that jumped in and raced with the faster guys so don't be discouraged.  We want to make this as fun as possible.  Any bad apples will be tossed and banned!!  ex. yelling at other riders, profanity, basically just being inconsiderate.  The main thing I can't stress enough is I want this to be a fun weekly training event so please come out and give it a try!  As always the races will be weather dependent...if the main trail is closed then the short track event will be cancelled!     

Rangeline Nature Preserve / ? about "tree underpass" just after "root hill"
« on: November 11, 2013, 03:32:14 PM »
This fallen angled tree has been here for long as I've been riding rangeline which has been since you first started building the trail.  For the life of me I don't get this obstacle and why it hasn't been cut out? :-\   I think this everytime I come up on it.  I ride multiple expert loops and love every inch of this unique place but I just don't get this one.  It is my ONLY complaint but I'm not trying to throw rocks either.  I just don't understand why it's still there?  I can see short guys getting under it and I have a few times but seriously what is the point?!

Town Run / Short track racing/training Wednesday 8-21-13
« on: August 16, 2013, 09:51:55 AM »
Lets get the wheels rolling on the short track!!  I spent 4hrs yesterday weedwhacking out the course.  It looks great!  This Wednesday 8-21-13 it will return.  6:30pm.  Short track racing at Town run.  Nothing has changed.  It will be the exact same course as last year and its FREE.  The most important thing is that its for training and if your a newbie or a lower level racer and want to develop your skills a little more this is the place to do it.  I want to keep it as informal as possible.  No #plates.  No awards.  Just simple midweek training.  The start line is in the lower level gravel lot to the right just after pulling in off 96th st.  I say the first week we just combine A & B groups to get everyone familiar with the course for those who haven't ridden it before.  Then we can discuss what to do after that.  In the past we had the A guys go at 6:15 and race for 40mins + 3 laps and then the B guys would start after that and follow the same format.  The racing will be based on trail conditions so if the trail status is red then we won't race that night and there will be NO make up day(Wednesdays only) regardless of whether the short track is dry and the xc trail isn't.  I will mark off the course and put up plenty of signage to warn where we have to reroute the main trail users off and up the 2nd exit by the shelter.  The other thing I want to stress here is that NO ONE SHOULD BE RIDING THE SHORT TRACK COURSE UNTIL IT IS MARKED OFF FOR THAT NIGHT.  NO EXCUSES!!!  Part of the course involves riding part of the main course the opposite direction and we want no conflicts with main trail riders.  Period.  If anyone sees anyone doing this please report to me or Paul A and get a good description of the rider.  Any questions let me know!  Also if someone is willing to stand at the start/finish line and run a timer that would be great otherwise I'll bring a clock or timer as well.  RT           

Fort Harrison State Park / New Trail Rocks!
« on: June 07, 2012, 07:50:14 PM »
I have helped build a lot of this trail especially early on.  Today I rode the new loop for the first time in several months.....WOW good stuff.  The new stuff Alex built is incredible!!!  Kudo's to everyone who has lent their hand building this loop it really evolved nicely.  I had 4.1 miles from start to finish parking lot to parking lot.  I rode it both directions and I don't know what other opinions are but I thought it flowed WAY better going the clockwise direction.  The downside to this is your going up Alex's section which was the best part going counterclockwise for sure.  Just curious as to what others think? 

Fort Harrison State Park / Mile markers
« on: October 24, 2011, 10:00:55 AM »
My good friend who is a Lt. on the City of Lawrence fire department informed me they made a run out to the trail this past weekend or week.  According to him someone overshot a corner and went down an embankment and ropes, etc.. were used for the rescue.  He asked if I could pass along to HMBA or Fort Harrison staff for mile markers to be installed along the trail?  I have forwarded him the link to the trail map but for someone relaying their position in the woods its sort of difficult for the FD to locate and know where to enter without mile markers of some sort.  Thanks!  Ryan   

Tech Bench / 8 speed Mtn. Bike wheel?
« on: October 11, 2011, 10:56:18 AM »
Posting this message up for a friend.  Does anyone know where he can get his hands on an 8 speed rear Mtn. bike wheel?  He says his old 7 speed isn't working well with his new chain and rear derailleur.  Thanks for any help!  Ryan

Advocacy / High School Mountain bike leagues?
« on: August 10, 2011, 03:53:58 PM »
I've been reading about it for several years now in Mountain Bike Action Mag.  Has anyone tryed to get this started?  Seems to be very popular in the states that have started it.  I think with the network of trails that have come on board the last several years that it could fly.  I would love to throw the idea out there for some of the Hamilton County area schools or any schools for that matter but would need some help otherwise getting it going.  Ryan   

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