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Fort Harrison State Park / SchoenCreek notoriety
« on: January 06, 2013, 01:19:37 PM »
I was in the AppleBees's on Pendleton Pike today and noticed a cool picture on the right as I walked in to the establishment. It is a huge photo of Schoen Creek Bridge 3 with a mountain biker on it, man was I one proud trail builder to see that. A Great job well done and a big Thank you to everyone that has made Fort Harrison State Park an Urban Mountain Bike destination in Indianapolis.  ;D

There will be a Fort Harrison work session with the Amos Butler Audubon and the Friends of Fort Harrison State Park April 14, 10am-2pm removing non-native garlic mustard, picking up trash and loose fishing line. Meet at the Delaware Shelter at the Delaware Lake Parking lot. You will need to bring a pair of work gloves, all ages are welcome. I will be at a wedding in Evansville this weekend so I am out! :)

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