Indiana Outdoors
Links to Out Doors Activities (other than Mountain Biking) in Indiana and near by States
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1   Link   NOAA National Weather Service Forcast for Indiana
Everything you ever wanted to know about the weather in Indiana (and some things you didn't)
2   Link   Freewheelin' Community Bike Cooperative
We are a community of people serving youth by: * Engaging them with a positive focus. * Offering positive role models and nurturing healthy relationships. * Bridging gaps: generational, racial, cultural. * Encouraging confidence, commitment,
3   Link   DINO - Do Indiana Outdoors
Trail Running, Mountain Biking, and more!
4   Link   Central Indiana Wilderness Club
The Central Indiana Wilderness Club is a not-for-profit volunteer run club founded for the purpose of providing reasonably priced backpacking, hiking, canoeing/rafting, biking, kayaking, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, and other wilderness adv
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